Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair refers to hair that has never been processed and which remains in its original natural state. This means the hair must not have been permed, dyed, coloured, bleached or chemically processed in any way. All our hair is virgin hair and each bundle is cut from one willing donor.

Can I colour or bleach my hair extensions?

Our Virgin hair extensions can be coloured to your preference. However, it is worth noting that when virgin hair is bleached, the hair is stripped of its natural moisture and so regular deep conditioning is recommended. Minx Hair UK also recommends a licensed professional be consulted when bleaching or colouring your hair extensions as excessive bleaching or colouring will damage virgin hair.

Can I use heat on my hair extensions?

As with natural hair, our hair extensions can be straightened, curled or blow dried. However, it is recommended a heat protectant spray is used prior to using heat on your hair extensions. Also, as with natural hair, the continuous use of heat will loosen curl patterns over time.


What colour are the hair bundles?

All our bundles come in natural black. However due to our hair being virgin hair, no two bundles are the same, so we cannot guarantee that each bundle will be of the same colour or wave pattern.


How much hair would I need for a full head?

A minimum of 3 bundles of hair is required for a full head sew in for lengths between 12″-18″. However, for volume, we recommend a minimum of 4 bundles for any lengths longer than 18″ to create a more voluminous look. Curly hair extensions are naturally coarser in texture in comparison to straight and wavy hair so fewer bundles might be required.


How long will my hair extensions hair last?

Like natural hair, if well taken care our hair bundles can be reused over and over and will last you for a few years. Please refer to our Hair Care page  here for tips on how to maintain your hair extensions.


What is the difference between a Lace Closure and a Lace Frontal?
A Lace closure is made with lace, used at the crown of your head and can give the illusion of a natural scalp. Our lace closures measure approximately 4” x 4” in size.

A Lace frontal is also made with lace, used at the crown of the head and runs from ear to ear giving the illusion of a natural hairline. A lace frontal provides more parting options and can be worn in different styles. Our frontals measure approximately 13” x 4” in size.

Can I swim with my hair extensions?

Yes you can, but remember that activities such as swimming can dry out your hair extensions, due to high chlorine and or salt content in water, so it is advisable to wear a swimming cap to prevent this as dry hair can lead to tangling. If you are unable to protect your hair, make sure you deep condition it immediately after to restore lost moisture. Please refer to our hair care page here for hair maintenance tips.


Can I cut the wefts?

We advise against cutting your wefts as this can lead to shedding. If you need to cut the wefts, we advise that you seal them first.


I have a question that is not in your FAQ’s

In the event that you have a question which has not been addressed in this section or anywhere else on our website, please send your enquiry to customer.experience@minxhair